De Raco family has been operating in this sector since the sixties, and has been constantly committed in the improvement of its own activity for generations, in order to satisfy its Customers’ always new requests.
De Raco S.r.l. is a family-driven company. On each building site you can always find a member of the family, to whom its management is entrusted.
The employees, both common and specialized workers, have been working in the company for years and are constantly updated on the evolution of working techniques, new materials, equipment, and safety, a fundamental concept in building sector.
We offer several building services: from keys in hand property renovation, facade and roofing renovation, creation of residential units, garages and car parking, to conservation interventions, like internal and external renovation of churches, historical buildings, digs, excavations and reinforced concrete.
De Raco Constructions and Renovations is competitive on all fronts: coring, electrical system, industrial and civil hydraulic service. The company boasts an avant-guard and latest generation equipment, able to meet the most various requests: loading and unloading vehicles, excavators and vehicles for moving soil and rubble.